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All talks and Q&A sessions are recorded and will be made available here as soon as possible.

Lunchbars (1:10pm)
Fonteyn Ballroom, DSU

Evenings (7:30pm)
Elvet Methodist, Old Elvet

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Michael Ots

A quick look at Michael Ots’ (feel free to call him Motsy) website will tell you three key things about him: he likes students, he likes travelling and he loves Jesus. Luckily for him, he’s managed to combine all three things into a full time job – he visits lots of UK and European universities and encourages students to consider carefully the claims that Jesus makes, at events just like these. Come and hear him during the week at the lunchbars, and don’t forget your difficult questions!

Lindsay Brown

Welshman Lindsay Brown studied history at Oxford and then Theology in Paris, and has been working with students across Europe and the globe pretty much ever since. Years of experience in a variety of very interesting places makes Lindsay a mean story teller; make sure you come along to the evening talks to hear Lindsay uncover a whole variety of topics.

Peter Teagle

Peter Teagle loves international students (he did marry one afterall). He’s currently the International chaplain at Oxford Brookes university, which means it’s his job to offer care to international students, regardless of their beliefs and works with local churches and CUs to provide international student friendly events. He is also very involved with Friends International, a Christian organisation which works with international students and their families. Unsurprisingly, he’ll be giving the talks specifically aimed at international students. Did we mention that he loves them?


Uncover is a variety of things:

    1) The name and theme of the 2013 DICCU Events Week

    2) An invitation to examine with us the evidence of the life and death of Jesus Christ, who he was, what he did and why he did it.

    3) The name given to a variety of resources freely available for you to do just that. Uncover is the name given to the copies of Luke’s eyewitness account of the life and death of Jesus, which we would love you to take away from each lunchbar or talk and have a look over, either by yourself, with a Christian friend, or a CU guest in burgundy hoodies. Uncover is best used in conjunction with – a website designed to help you delve deeper into Luke’s book and consider some key questions such as whether we can trust the bible as a reliable source , whether miracles are ruled out by science and whether faith and reason are at odds. The Uncover gospels have strategically placed QR codes throughout which will immediately take you to the relevant section of the website. For those wishing to engage deeper with the text, a member of DICCU would be delighted to read all or part of Luke’s gospel with you and consider carefully the claims Luke makes about Jesus.


Discover business card

Discover starts on Monday 18th February, 7:30pm in Varsity

If after the week has past and you still find yourself with questions which you want answering, or if having considered the claims made about Jesus, you would like investigate further and discover more of who Jesus is, then Discover is for you. Discover is a 4 week follow up course which will take place on Monday evenings in Varsity and will provide an opportunity to discuss and discover together in a friendly environment.

For more information, please contact Josh Green:[at]

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